You watched me weep with no remorse,

unclothed my nine-year-old virginity,

massaged budding breasts with insane

pleasure as you praised the pitiless

organ that made my immoral youth.

My tiny brown innocence spread

beneath your web, sacrificing itself,

so you would never make

your way to sister’s room.

No matter how many times

I lie down, I cannot forget

the eerie shadows on the wall

in lightness, in darkness

flashbacks of you…

and me immortalized

in my recurring nightmare.


Shawn R. Jones

Reprinted from Womb Rain

(Finishing Line Press, 2008)


Author of the devotional book, Pictures in Glass Frames

and the poetry chapbook, Womb Rain, 

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  1. soumyav says:

    very sensitive and heart wrenching!

  2. I usually write in the first person, but some readers do have a difficult time separating the poet from the persona. btw, I am really enjoying your blog!

  3. Such a thought provoking piece which opens the awareness of a real problem that destroys many lives and minds yet to fully blossom! Great message! God bless!

  4. Uzoma says:

    Strikingly sad piece; one that mirrors one of the ills in our human society. This felt so reaaal!

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