Handling Disappointment

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Handling Disappointment

By Shawn R. Jones

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

As a Christian, your life is not based on chance, luck, or coincidences. When you follow God obediently and sincerely, He covers you until your last day on earth and into eternity. However, your Christian walk will not exclude you from disappointment. Disappointment is a reality in everyone’s life, saved or unsaved, but do not be discouraged. God still has a plan for you.

Both negative and positive situations can prepare you for divine destiny. For example, my son applied to the University of Pennsylvania when he was a senior in high school. He maintained honor roll throughout high school, was involved in several clubs, performed many community service hours, and received many awards. It seemed he was well qualified for the University of Pennsylvania, but he was not accepted.

So, what happened? He concluded that he was destined to be at another institution. However, he didn’t fully understand it until he had completed his second year at Rutgers-Camden. He was on the dean’s list every semester and received recognition and awards from Rutgers, the state, and local organizations for helping disadvantaged people in the surrounding community. He was truly happy and got so much joy out of helping the residents of Camden that he believed the state school was a divine selection and the Ivy League school, a divine rejection. Could he have gone to the University of Pennsylvania and done the same? No human knows for sure, but the important issue is that my son’s first responsibility was to God’s kingdom. As a result, God stayed with him and blessed his endeavors.  He graduated Rutgers magna cum laude with departmental honors a couple years ago, and today he is a home-owner, business owner, and husband-to-be.


Like my son, many people want to go to the best school, get the best job, and just have the best of everything. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and having high expectations, but if things don’t work out according to your plans, remember God can bless you anywhere. Just because an institution or occupation has an esteemed reputation, that does not necessarily mean you are supposed to be there. Remember, God wants you in the place that is best for you. It may not be the most popular place in the world, and it may not be the most attractive position, but if God ordained it, it is for you.


Dear Lord, please lead me into Godly purpose. Choose my job, my neighborhood, and my friends. I welcome Your process of divine elimination. I appreciate Your choosing all that is best for me. Amen.

Reprinted from Pictures in Glass Frames

(Ambassador International, 2011)

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