Let’s Pretend We Know Everything

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Let’s Pretend We Know Everything

Let’s pretend we know everything
and carry our religion
like a clutch.

We can carry it when
we wear certain outfits
certain places.

Let’s pretend we are God
and give everyone a key
who is like us

to the door of these
certain places
where people gather

who are certain
about all things
in the universe.

Let’s pretend we are right
until certain people
decide we are wrong

and lock the doors
to certain places
where everyone

is absolutely certain
about everything.


Shawn R. Jones


Author of the devotional book, Pictures in Glass Frames   http://t.co/BxiNwWRG

and the poetry chapbook, Womb Rain, 


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  1. Hamidzick says:

    Nicole – The best pictures are awlyas the ones that are not posed, and you captured so many that take my breath away. Thank You for capturing memories we will have forever-and you did it so good being pregnant, Good luck with your new Baby!!

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