Fall Returns

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Fall reminds me of days tripped over broken

sidewalk bits and wrinkled coffee-colored

leaves on the way back from fourth grade.

Leaves went from green to brown.

There was no gold on the way

to Stanley Homes Village  from West Side Complex.


Fall was a return to school where fearful boys

with no fathers chased me home.

I was fatherless and fearful, too.

I was afraid of them. They were afraid of the world.

The world was afraid of us.


With all that fear

no one took a moment to understand.

We were just children.  All of us.

Me. The boys. The world.



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  1. This a moving poem, Shawn. I can really feel the heavy fall of your foot steps in the autumnal leaves, crunch crunch, as you run away from the boys. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. What was once tragic, and caused you much fear, you have turned around into a poem of truth, and beauty. I feel my words aren’t enough. I really loved this poem. I can’t keep myself from reading it over and over again. The image is clear in my mind. God Bless you!

    • Thank you so much! I am honored that you enjoyed it, esp since it was a quickie poem. Now you have me looking forward to the revision : ) I have been blessed by your words of encouragement 😀 God bless you, too!

  2. Renee Fernandez says:

    Thank you Authoress.
    Sad but true. Green to brown leaves. Fatherlessness & fear both interna & external…FEAR trandsends the victim of fatherlessness imposes itself on both the victim and others then society as well.
    Fathers are meant to be pillars, providers, protectors, mentors and much more!

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