Quotes from My Devotional, Pictures in Glass Frames

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“…a blessed life is not necessarily a life of prominence and affluence.”  – S. R. Jones, Pictures in Glass Frames


People often say, “I love you,” too soon, too seldom, or too late. – S.R. Jones, Pictures in Glass Frames


“I visited him regularly, and we talked on the phone extensively. He shared stories of his tragic past and on-going struggle with a heroin addiction. We talked about God, and he told me how he would hide his Bible from the other inmates as he walked across the open field of the minimum security prison… When he was released, we spent less time together than when he was incarcerated. I began to worry. Then, in the middle of the afternoon, I heard a small knock on my front door…” – S.R. Jones, Pictures in Glass Frames


Photos of Barnes & Noble Book Signings:

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    Great quote about blessings; so true!

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