Reframing Self: An Image Workshop by Shawn R. Jones

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Reframing Self:  An Image Workshop by Shawn R. Jones



Tomorrow I will be running an image workshop.  The purpose of this workshop is to find out how participants feel about themselves.  First, I am going to give them a questionnaire to fill out anonymously.  Then, I am going to have them hand the  questionnaires back in.  Next, I am going to shuffle them, and read some of the answers.  Last, I am going to focus on answers that  reveal poor self-images and openly discuss them with the group.  My goal is to broaden the narrow definition of intelligence that  solely focuses on academic achievement  and  dispel superficial definitions of beauty.


5 questions out of the 10 from my questionnaire:


1.  What do you like about yourself?


2.  What would you change about yourself and why?


3.  Do you think you are beautiful?  Why or why not?


4.  What is a healthy lifestyle?


5.  What makes someone successful?


I will share the outcome in my next post.  Prayerfully, it will be a success.


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  1. Nicole Brooks-McCoy says:

    Very interesting, I wish I could attend the workshop I am looking forward to reading the outcome in your next post.

  2. lorna davison says:

    I was inspired by Womb Rain. A wonderful book of poetry by a delightful loving woman.

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