When I Break at Dawn

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Students will choreograph a dance to this poem in my dance poetry workshop.


When I Break at Dawn


I sleep among the same stars.

I am the spotted moon-

Crescent shape, my soul doth quake

Deep in midnight’s cocoon.


I dream about the same dreams.

I am the castle in the sky,

But not the fairy-tales of all is well…

I ask my Father, “Why?”


I rise with the same Son,

And yet I break at dawn-

An insecurity of reality-

A hope of change moved on.


I dance to the same songs-

I am the twine-flexed child

Of fantasy.  I cannot be

A dancer in this shroud.


I pray to the same God,

Though I am spotted, flexed, and twined.

And tomorrow morning when I break –

I’ll break with all mankind.


Shawn R. Jones

18 Responses

  1. Cynthia L. Sexton says:

    I hope you will be able to share a video of the dance when it is done. Love the poem 🙂

  2. shawnrjones says:

    Thank you, Cynthia! That is an awesome idea! Thank you so much for stopping by my site : )

  3. Anthony Rhodes says:

    Wow! Shawn Jones you are simply amazing! I enjoy all of your work. All of your material is refreshing, inspiring and most of all awesome to read. Your work is endlessly surprising and leaves me wanting MORE!

  4. shawnrjones says:

    Tony, you already know you are the best!!!!! My Dance Son!

  5. Sean Francis says:

    Outstanding Shawn. I must of not been paying attention to well cause i didn’t know about this site. Keep u the good work.

    • shawnrjones says:

      Well, thanks for stopping by Sean! There is plenty here to read, and of course you are welcomed by anytime. I might even write a piece about tofu, just for you lol

  6. Tracy Williams says:

    Shawn your work is awesome, encouraging, motivational and inspiring. Continue to allow God to use you, to be a blessing to others. Share your story so that God gets the glory and I can’t wait to your next wonderful creation. : )

    • shawnrjones says:

      Tracy, thank you for always encouraging me! I really appreciate it, and it was wonderful seeing you at the Arts & Authors Extravaganza!

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Great piece. A video is a great idea!


    I hope your poems and stories inspire a director or producer to make a movie out of it. I know you will become the next female version of Tyler Perry. Good luck and keep writing great stuff. Tony

    • shawnrjones says:

      The next female Tyler Perry…Hmm…Does that mean I will have to dress in drag, too? lol Thank you so much for your comment, Anthony! I appreciate the compliment : )

  9. Diane Kurz says:

    Your language is so beautiful and evocative. This poem conveys so much power in so few words.

  10. Sean Francis says:

    Will you post a small clip from the dance on your site?

    • shawnrjones says:

      I am not sure…they are all under 18. I will have to okay it with their parents. Not everyone wants their child on the internet, even if it is with a group. I understand. I am very happy you are interested, though. They are amazing dancers, and I know the show is going to be awesome tomorrow!!!!

  11. Tanya says:

    The dance is going to be incredible! Please share the clip.

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