The Embryo

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The Embryo


I swelled

your breasts

with tenderness-

caused you to

rest mid-afternoon.

        I was your escort

                to the ladies’ room,

                                      the heartburn,

                                            the cravings,

                                               the sensitivity

                                                   of your smells,

                                       the pink flesh swinging

                                                   on your moods,

                                        pounding on your scale.

                                                  I was the tiny cells

                                 protected by your womb.

                            I loved you too soon.

                      Naïve blood streamed

                    to my unsuspecting

                   tomb less shell.

  Every time the wind blows

my breath shall curdle

in your ear


as I pick

wild daisies

near shadowed

mountain peaks

and with nature’s


cajole myself

to sleep.


Shawn R. Jones

Reprinted from Womb Rain

(Finishing Line Press, 2008)Image



10 Responses

  1. Uzoma says:

    Happy New Year, Shawn! Honestly, this poem starts my morning (very early now) in a pleasant way. The words used are so effective and poetic in themselves I had to read a couple of times more before commenting. The cover design of your book and its eye catching title make me dream of getting one someday. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

  2. Seyi sandra says:

    Happy New Year Shawn and this is a blast! I love the poem. Love to you and yours-:)

  3. adetokunbohr says:

    Now i understand half the title of this book, i.e. the womb. What’s the rain part of it. I’m going to get my copy of this book soon, i’ll take a picture and blog that i’ve a copy. You just watch. Happy new year.

    • Rain is any liquid that flows from a woman, including tears. I can’t wait to see that photo. I will post it on my website also, with your permission : ) Happy New Year!!!

  4. adetokunbohr says:

    This poem is not written straight down. You intended that it look like a pregnant woman, init?

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