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Hey Lexa!  lexa’s journal

I have been so inspired by you that I have decided to share my daily workout.  Now it will not be as detailed as yours because I am new at sharing my workout publicly.  As you know, I am a dancer.  I don’t use all that fancy equipment.  I just dance.  My body is my equipment and my machine 🙂 I feel weird using equipment, but maybe one day I will appreciate its benefits.  

So…today, I did Hip Hop Abs(Shawn T).  It is a 35min workout.  I was throwing around 2lb weights like they were cotton, which means I should use 3lb weights, but… we will see how I feel tomorrow.  I seldom use weights, but they say you should once you are in your 40s.  Anyway after that I worked on my dance routine for my advanced jazz class.  I teach ages 9-13.  They are amazing young dancers.  I sweat a lot when I am choreographing, making sure my moves hit the accents in the music.  I am a little obsessive about it.

Well, this is my first time writing about my workout on my blog, so it is short.  I will write more next time. Tomorrow morning after my “God Time” I am going to do “Sweating in the Spirit” with Donna Richardson Joyner! After that I will work on my dance routine for about 30 min.  I workout for an hour or more a day 6 days a week. I take Sundays off.

To my followers: If you want to exercise, but you do not know where to begin, you can just turn on your favorite music and dance. It doesn’t even matter if you can’t keep a beat–just move 🙂  And if you do not like to dance, just walk.  Whatever you do, consult your doctor first.  Blessings to you!

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  1. Lexa says:

    This is fantstic Shawn!! First of all thank you for the reference to my blog. Second, thank you because you are going to inspire your readers to get moving, and that’s really what it’s really all about. Weight bearing exercises are important to 40+ year old woman. We rapidly loose bone density, so weight lifting helps to combat it. Girl… I love to dance and when I get going, I sweat like I am working out in the gym. All movement is good! How about you teach us some of your dance moves? I could use some new moves! Lol! I can’t wait to read more about your daily exercise routine. Nice!!

    • I just might take you up on that (video).

      I am trying to get used to the weights. I do not have much experience with them. In high school I used to out press some of the boys. Mr. Ramsey used to ask,”Are yall going to let this female outdo you?” Of course that was when I used to dance around the clock.

      Lose bone density :/ Guess I better keep dancing with those weights. What do you think of those gloves–you know the ones that are like weights. Do you use them?

      • Lexa says:

        Trust me, you CAN get your strength back. I’ll have to send you some youtube videos. They have great tutorials for everything, including weight lifting. I’m not familar with the gloves, I have to look them up. To prevent injury, just remember safe movements.

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