A Rainy Morning Before School

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A Rainy Morning Before School


By Shawn R. Jones


Pliers turn on a shower

with no knob.

Rusty water falls

in a cracked porcelain tub

with chipped lion’s feet.

Five children make up

something to eat

like sugar sandwiches

or spoiled mayonnaise

on a stale roll,

so they can eat

in front of a coal burning stove

before they walk to school

with soggy cardboard

in the bottom

of worn out shoes.


Reprinted from Womb Rain

(Finishing Line Press, 2008)

6 Responses

  1. Rhonda C.Fitzgerald says:

    You captured the scene. It sounds rough, but the memory made me smile.

  2. Uzoma says:

    Vividly captured, Shawn. A lowly state but one with hope and optimism for what will be acquired via education.

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