Am I Disturbing My Own Peace?

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My daughter studied English at Cambridge University this summer, so my husband and I decided we would vacation in England the last week of her stay.  While there, my cell phone was inoperable.  I could not text, make calls,  get on Facebook, send e-mails or tweet without paying for it or traveling to the nearest establishment that had free WiFi.  I decided to put my cell phone up for the week.  It is one of the most profound decisions I have made.  Without the many distractions that come along with social networking, I discovered that most times I am guilty of disturbing my own peace by being so readily available to everyone 24 hours a day.  If that revelation were the only thing I got out of my trip to Europe, it would have been well worth it.  However, I immensely enjoyed every second of our stay.


I have included a few photos below.  I hope you enjoy them:


Pembroke College at Cambridge University:



 Westminster Abbey:

    Kings College at Cambridge University:

Pounds and pence:

My daughter on Mt. Killin in Scotland:

My husband and I in London:

My daughter at Cambridge:

To see more photos, visit:

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  1. Tanya says:

    Your pictures are amazing; thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about balance in life. During the summer, I especially realize how much social networking zaps my time away. I need to “unplug” once a week!

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