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A Hole to Breathe

Like Shawn Jones herself, these poems are surprising and smart. In “Jezebel on the Mantel,” for example, the narrator is driving the ashes of a grandmother nobody liked to toss in the ocean. And it’s not just granny, these poems are crackling with other interesting folks: Spittin Willie who “danced drunk with his cart full of junk,” Flimflam Susie who has “red gooey lips” and “jambalaya hips”…and “gargoyle men with hungry eyes and swollen guts.” A Hole to Breathe is a pleasure to read, but beware. It is a slender volume. When you finish it, you may find yourself “jonesing” for more.   ~ Peter E. Murphy, founder of Murphy Writing of Stockton University

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My poetry chapbook, A Hole to Breathe, can be purchased from the link below:

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Womb Rain     

An auspicious debut. These vivid cameos pulse with genealogy and family history. Shawn Jones confesses, laments, expiates, calls to account, testifies, and emblematizes flesh as memory, witness, totem, and curse. Despite murder, sexual molestation, poverty, drug addiction, adultery, and the absent father’s haunting presence, Womb Rain honors one woman’s quest for spiritual solace and self-affirmation.   ~Dr. Charles H. Lynch

My poetry chapbook, Womb Rain, can be purchased from at the link below:

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Pictures in Glass Frames

This devotional reveals the intimate details of Jones’s tragic family history and restored adult life. It describes a lineage that is misshapen by domestic abuse and addiction, but most importantly Pictures in Glass Frames celebrates a life and present generation saved by God’s grace.

As Jones discloses the situations in which her faith has been challenged and restored, readers are encouraged to trust God with the difficult circumstances they face in their own lives. This heartfelt collection inspires, revives, and restores as the author conveys her central message: metaphorically, we are all pictures in glass frames; physically, we are innately human; spiritually, we are eternal.

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