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  1. adetokunbohr says:

    wow, these dolls look too real. Is the last one carrying a spear?

  2. Uzoma says:

    OMG! The last seems like it is carrying Shaka Zulu’s spear. Great snaps.

    • You are educating me. I do not know what a Shaka Zulu’s spear looks like. The lady I purchased her from told me she was supposed to be a Native-American doll. I am not sure that the doll artist would agree. I love her, though!

  3. adetokunbohr says:

    the last one is black…with a spear…some kinda markings (tattoos) along the left arm and her dress doesn’t exactly look like a dress: it looks like something made from fur…First time i’m seeing such a doll.

    • I have some very interesting dolls. It is a fun hobby. I told Uzoma she is supposed to be a Native-American doll. I am not sure about that, though.

      • adetokunbohr says:

        Aztecs were native-Americans. I see the semblance…the regalia, the hair, the tattoo fit my imagination. The skin color isn’t perfect but close, the Aztecs probably had red skins.

    • T’Chaka? The cartoon or should I say from the comics?

    • I did not know T’Chaka and Shaka were the same person. I have certainly heard of Shaka Zulu. My friend’s husband is named after him. He was not in any of our history books in any of the schools I attended, but my mother told me about him along with many other folks I would have never learned about if it weren’t for her : ) I must admit I do not remember all that she told me.

  4. The first doll is from New Orleans. Love her, too!

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