Music is Everything

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Music is soft sheets

still in the quietness of sleep

with two bodies of potential music,

a morning heartbeat, a tender breath,

and the rise and fall of a sleeping chest.


There is music of possibility

like slippers dragging

across a wooden floor

to a shower’s hard stream,

an occasional sigh, harmonizing

through a soapy mist,

with yesterday’s songs

hip hopping down a long drain

of ageless, desirable music.


Shawn R. Jones

2 Responses

  1. Lorraine Castle says:

    Where would I be without music? As much as I love poetry and as much as I love writing poetry in particular, it was music that pulled me out of the depths of depression. Music was able to reach the deepest part of me that needed to be released, but was kept hidden from the world because it was too fragile to be revealed. Music reached into those depths, massaged and soothed those tender areas, and gently brought me out of my depression. Yes. Music IS everything!

    • shawnrjones says:

      Yes : ) Music is essential. We really have to be careful what we listen to. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Lorraine.

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