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My next book signing will be held at the Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia  (Feb.2013)  immediately following the 10:45am service.  If you are interested in attending, please send me an e-mail for more details:

Sister Romona McQueen is a beautiful woman full of love, faith, and encouragement.  I am so grateful we are friends.

She has been such a blessing to my life!


Sister Romona McQueen and I at the African-American Heritage Luncheon at the Deliverance Evangelistic Church

February 2012

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  1. Uzoma says:

    Congrats…wish I could be there.

  2. adetokunbohr says:

    That book is still on my 2013 list. The picture’s going to be on my page when i get it. You just watch. Enjoy your book signing. Pity i can’t be there too.

  3. Uzoma says:

    Hello, Shawn. I have nominated your blog for two awards. If you’d like to pick them up, here is the link:


    I’ll be back in a few hours to comment on your latest installment.

  4. Khaula Naxir says:

    Wow, Shawn. Thats awesome! Congragulations!
    I feel like all I say on your blog is ‘wow’. I hope thats its okay with you….;)

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