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When I reach over

and touch your hand,

our fingers entwine,

and loose segments of me

begin to mend

and adhere to

broken segments of you.

My past, your past,

our defeated fathers, dispirited mothers,

sickle-celled self-hatred,

and disquieted memories dissapate

as our wan hearts swell

and we become whole.

No trite phrases can explain

how we regain virtuousness through love

and become all we were destined to be

in each other’s arms.


Shawn R. Jones


4 Responses

  1. renee f. says:

    When I was in love, when he held my hand it felt just like this!All felt well with the world. Reflecting upon that time I simply hope he felt the same joy that I’d experienced…I just hope it was a shared joy.

    Love you for putting this into words for all of us Shawn.

    Sincerely & Appreciatively,
    Renee F.

    • shawnrjones says:

      I really love your comment. I love the fact that you can look back on such a moment and still have it as a positive memory. Even if he did not feel the same way, it did not take away from the beauty of that moment for you. However, I truly believe your feelings toward each other were mutual during that time because you felt the love so deeply. Even though time has passed and feelings have changed, nothing can erase or replace that moment. Not every one can relate to such and experience–the intensity felt when two people deeply in love hold hands. Thank you, Renee : )

  2. shawnrjones says:

    Thank you, Tanya : )

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