Presently Untitled

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Presently Untitled

By Shawn R. Jones


I have always been afraid of silence

and the sounds that imply silence

like church bells tolling at twelve,

soft, faint giggles after wine,

toddlers singing nursery rhymes

in schoolyards across town,

golden pendulums swinging

behind still chains, clocks ticking

lazily behind wooden frames,

featherless gray cardinals

pacing across thin perches,

machines beeping down quiet halls,

and the insistent ring of an unanswered call,

until I heard God’s voice

drizzle before hard rain,

replacing the pain-

fully unspeakable

eerie solitude

of silence.

Copyright 2003 Shawn R. Jones

This is a poem I am currently revising. I am not sure what it is really… about, but I am sure I will better understanding of it after the fifth draft or so.  Anyway, I hope you get something out of it.  Thank you for stopping by : )

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