Sonnet for Mother

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Sonnet for Mother

By Shawn R. Jones

Her arms are walnut brown and warm like June.

Veins wind like vines around an oak tree branch.

My adversaries do not stand a chance

against her heart that holds sunlight at noon

with pride in me that’s fuller than full moons

and love for me that makes my child heart dance.

Though doubts rain more doubts on my circumstance,

Past lullabies still hush me in my room.

And now that I have children of my own,

Mom’s fairy tales are just a memory

with golden eggs of young simplicity,

yet I adore her more now that I’m grown.

And even though we sometimes disagree,

only God could love me more than she.

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  1. Uzoma says:

    A sweet dedication to a good mother. I LOVE this. Happy Mother’s Day, Shawn.

  2. boomiebol says:

    This is most beautiful

  3. soumyav says:

    loved this Shawn! the delicate words woven with love

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