The Bellhop

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The Bellhop

Shawn R. Jones

The quiet man,

lover, and friend,

who Grandmother

no longer wanted

to love,

had children

of his own and

a wife at home

shot himself

and Grandmother

to curse

some other




to my own.

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  1. Uzoma says:

    Oh oh. Is this a true story? Though tight and vivid, it also has a sinister ring to it. Well penned, Shawn.

  2. Rhonda C.Fitzgerald says:

    I saw his image so clearly while reading this. His uniform, orange blazer w/white shirt bowtie, black pants, calm demeanor. I don’t think he was in work attire when he ambushed her. Rumors say he was intoxicated when he came through the employees kitchen entrance which was way out of character for him at this time of his life.. I thank the Lord that I quit that job months earlier.God Almighty knew I would not be able to handle my life if I had to witness this murder-suicide. A sad chapter for me..

    • Mom. there are some poems only you can write. Your comment itself sounds like a poem:

      I Saw His Image so Clearly

      By Rhonda Fitzgerald

      An Orange blazer with
      White shirt bowtie,
      Black pants, and
      Calm demeanor
      Ambushed her.
      Rumors say he was intoxicated
      When he came through
      The employee’s
      Kitchen entrance.
      I thank the Lord
      I quit months earlier.
      God almighty knew
      I would not be able to
      Handle my life
      Had I witnessed this

      A sad chapter for me…

      **You have to come up before you go back to work so we can start your blog : )

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