The Seed is Watered

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Pop, I have studied men

on the street of your generation

to recreate your smile

and admire that 70s bop,

although I knew it was

a feigned coolness

in a world that didn’t care

if you walked upright or not

because it was determined

to stop the new seed anyhow

or bend you like putty

one way or another

until your manhood, your family,

and your race could not be revived.

For this, I have cried

too often for your shortened life.

Pop, I have heard your voice

in the tone of anointed pastors

and thought, that’s how my dad

would have said that, if

he had said that, if

he had broken free…

if he had made the choice, if

he had continued to live,

if he could only see if.


Pop, I have unearthed you 1,000 times

and birthed you from Mary’s womb,

given you power, prosperity, peace,

and divine wisdom–I saw

possibilities in you.

I reconstructed you

on the faces of distinguished men

and finally in the eyes of

your grandson who reflects

your charm and intellignece

in the absence of

homemade adversity-

just everything you wished to be-

plus male poetry walking straight

in God’s destiny

breeding generations of saved men.

The world will not win.

Shawn R. Jones

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  1. Uzoma says:

    “Pop, I’ve unearthed you 1,000 times and birthed you from Mary’s womb…” That made me say OMG. Such a vivid powerful description to convey that sense of longing. Though the loss speaks with every line, there is this hope and thankfulness for something passed on.

    I like your poems.

  2. Thank you so much. I usually read this one at poetry readings. I didn’t know if it would go over as well read silently by someone else. I truly appreciate all your comments : )

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