Though Passions Still Yearn Deeply to Ignite

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Though Passions Still Yearn Deeply to Ignite

By Shawn R. Jones

A yellow flame pops wood throughout the night.

Orange cinders on the steel grate burn to ash.

A golden dancer hurls shadows too fast

For music to accompany her flight;

Charred feet give out before the fire’s light.

Her smoldering toe shoes she has to stash

Away in the tin urn with all her past,

Though passions still yearn deeply to ignite.


A craving blazes wildly for applause.

A formless flash of colors are aglow,

Red, purple, blue, orange, violet, and yellow.

From flames that scorch and singe behind brick walls

A trapped inferno must decide to make

Smoke-filled creation’s most wondrous of shapes.


Photo by Shawn R. Jones 2011

8 Responses

  1. Uzoma says:

    I love how you created a deep meaning with colors of a flame. In the beginning, the way you split and breath life into each of them was sensational.

  2. Rhonda C.Fitzgerald says:

    Beautiful poem,Shawn. It is well-written and filled with imagery.

  3. Priyank says:

    beautiful lines 🙂

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