Light up Your Life

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I have never been a technology geek.  As a matter of fact I have figured out how to use most of my gadgets by trial and error.  My iphone still has me baffled.  To be completely honest, I am still learning how to use this blog, but I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  Well, recently I have gotten a bit more interested in technology because my son is a blogger for Tech Tell.  Yes, I am the proud mother of a professional writer, and since I am a writer, I have been looking forward to the day one or both of my children would write professionally.  And this day has come much sooner than I expected, since it has taken me decades to become a professional writer.  Dec…ades, do you here me?  Well, that can be a subject of another post another day.  Back to my son. Well, yesterday he put up a post about these cool new light bulbs and I figured I would share that post with you.  And once my son sees that I have shared his posts…here and on my pinterest page, he may consider buying those bulbs for me for Christmas ; )