You Lived More Beautifully

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In memory of my close friend, T.G.


I would have cursed all of Port Author’s town

If I had darkened the clear Texas moon

To change the fate of that November’s gloom

When bereaved loved ones had to lie you down

Dressed in your untimely burial gown.

Before you had a chance to fully bloom,

T’was love that delivered to you such doom,

But love will be sure to restore your crown.


Your husband is the one who breathes in shame

And his marred conscience will loosen what’s sane,

But his crime is not where you dwell.

For visions of you dancing were not slain

Nor were sounds of sweet laughter that remain

To live on more beautifully than you fell.


Shawn R. Jones (2008)

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  1. Lorraine Castle says:

    My prayer is that the memory will ever dull the sting of death.

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