Hate Loves Green

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Hate Loves Green

By Shawn R. Jones


Hate throws bricks.

It knows

I’m not quick

enough to duck.

But guess what?

It misses me anyhow.

I live in clouds with my

Brown skin in white shrouds

Of “I can do anything.”


Hate loves green, and

Greed makes mean

Folks smile.

While they hurl bricks

I build thick walls to

Surround the grounds

Of my castle.


*I am going to write an unedited quickie poem a day in hopes that some day they will be publishable.

4 Responses

  1. i love this. greed makes mean. alot of truth in this piece. good job

  2. Susan Kurz says:

    Brilliant commentary on how hate can really take over people. The rhythm in this poem is fantastic, and I think it really adds to the determination the speaker feels.

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