Hypoglycemia During the COVID-19 Crisis

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During this unprecedented time, I have found it difficult to write what I want to write, or should I say that I have found it difficult to write what I had planned to write in 2020. Everything has been about the pandemic, and I refuse to let the pandemic have everything.  COVID-19 has taken too much already. I will not allow it to take my words.

The following poem was published by Guesthouse this summer.  Thank you Jane Huffman and Diane Seuss!!!


Hypoglycemia during the COVID-19 Crisis

She is on the stairs.
Hears two
sacks of potatoes
dropping. The sound,


body hitting tile.
The image, dark
rag doll drenched
between toilet and wall.


He is Black.
Too afraid
to go to the hospital.
Too afraid


to be denied
a ventilator.
Too afraid
to suffocate alone.


she plays nurse.
Googles symptoms.


Takes his vitals
with her own hands.
Feeds him chocolate
from her palm.


Shawn R. Jones

Guesthouse (2020)


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