Morning after the Reunion

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When I was a teenager,  I worked in a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.  I hated the seagulls, the beach, the sand, the saltwater breeze, and the tourists who wanted to pay as little as possible for cheap souvenirs.  I don’t think I had ever taken a second look at the ocean because it was always there.  Water beating against rock, boring.  Seagull cries, annoying. However, this past weekend, the morning after my 25th class reunion, my husband and I walked on the boardwalk at 7am.  I photographed a seagull in flight and listened to his soothing call as he landed at our feet.  He posed for a few photos and continued to strut down the boards.  Tourists smiled and I smiled back as dark jetties, wild white waves, and Cream of Wheat-colored sand invited more peace into our lives.


Atlantic City, I have run for decades, yet you welcomed me home:

My handsome husband:


The very photogenic seagull:


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  1. Baleeia says:

    Just beautiful Shawn. I lived at the shore of Wildwood in my youth and didn’t quite appreciate it ether. At least not in the summer when the tourist came. It’s amazing how as we get older, we appreciate the slow easy things in life. Welcome home.

  2. Craig Dorn Sr. says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading your writings because they seem to inspire me!

    Our class reunion (last weekend) seemed to conjure memories of the city that I once adored. Because of this, I am happy to emphatically state that “I am a product of The City of Atlantic City, NJ.”


  3. shawnrjones says:

    Like long walks, button down sweaters, and hot chocolate : )
    Thank you so much for stopping by the site, Baleeia.

  4. shawnrjones says:

    You’re welcome, Craig. It was great seeing you after so many years! It was a really special weekend!

  5. Wanette Pettiford says:

    Shawn thanks for sharing, I saw the picture of the seagull and loved it. I am so looking forward to reading your book…MY Christmas gift to myself.

  6. shawnrjones says:

    Wanette, thank you for your comment. I love that seagull, too! I really hope you enjoy the book. I pray it will be a worthwhile gift to yourself : )

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